Man who robbed five people in Woodbrook held by police

A man who robbed five people in Woodbrook last evening is in police custody.

The robberies were said to have taken place in quick succession just after 8.30pm. 

CNC3 understands that four persons standing on Baden Powell street were accosted by a lone gunman who relieved them of their phones and a gold chain valued at $7,000. 

The gunman then ran to Kitchener Street where he robbed another man of a bag containing cash and other items before attempting to escape.

Residents of Kitchener Street gave chase but were fired upon, allowing the man to escape into the Lapeyrouse Cemetery.  

After a report was made, officers from the Woodbrook Police Station and Port-of-Spain CID responded and found the man in a vehicle parked on Stanmore Avenue.

The 37-year-old suspect from Laventille was arrested along with a 26-year-old woman.

The stolen items were recovered and positively identified. Head of Port-of-Spain CID Ajith Persad is continuing investigations.


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