Management: Petrotrin operations not affected by high absenteeism

The management of Petrotrin says that there was no disruption to Petrotrin’s supply today and the operations continued uninterrupted, notwithstanding mixed levels of absenteeism across the organisation. 

Reports from the company confirmed that its operations were not affected by the labour movement’s call for workers throughout the country to stay away from work. 

The company says that while administrative checks indicated some level of absenteeism, Petrotrin’s tank farms were manned and operating and the production fields, while not fully manned were fully operational.

It adds that its Custody Transfer, HSE, and Fire Sections were manned and operational.

Petrotrin said there was a higher level of absenteeism at Trinmar, but the fields continued operating with the morning tower crews and senior staff.

It says all contractor vessel crews reported for work. 

“Generally, we are operating thus far with no disruptions in production. Many senior and professional staff members are at work,” a company spokesperson said.


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