Manhunt on for suspect with illegal firearm

Tobago police are on the manhunt for a male suspect who escaped following a high-speed chase in the village of Buccoo on Tuesday evening.

The man, who lives in the area, is believed to have had an illegal firearm.

Residents scampered for their lives as officers in three police vehicles fired shots at the suspect as they pursued his blue Nissan B13 which hit a curb wall and another car as he sped through the village's streets. 

One resident who preferred to remain unidentified said villagers were sitting by the waterfront when they heard the sirens and saw police pursuing the suspect.

"We saw him speeding and realized the police were chasing after him. We had to run for cover because they were driving at top speed and we heard shots ring out.”

She said the man escaped in a forested area.

“Well after he mashed up the wall and swing in by the bar and bounce the next car he jumped out of the car and ran down in some bushes. By the time the officers really try to chase after him he was already gone. The police remained in the area for a while after, they were going through all side streets, driving around.”

Guardian Media understands the suspect's vehicle was subsequently hauled away by a wrecker. 

Head of Police, Tobago Division Ainsley Garrick confirmed the incident.

He told Guardian Media police received information that the male suspect had an illegal gun.

"When the suspect saw the police approaching he took flight. The officers pursued him into the Buccoo area where he subsequently escaped on foot. We searched the area but the suspect remains at large,” Garrick said.

- by Loyse Vincent

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