March against crime in Princes Town

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 13:30

Head of the Hindustan Shiv mandir Pundit Kasheva Gosine has led devotees in a march against crime, saying many crimes in Princes Town go unreported.

The procession marked the start of the Hindu period of Navratri.

Gosine said the nine nights of Bhagwat (prayers) were meant to bring harmony in the community hard hit by crime.

"During the  Nauratam period, Hindus celebrate the female aspect of Durga as she triumphs over negativity. During tumultuous times of job loss and hopelessness, we are encouraging families to stand together. The family that prays together will stay together. Crime is out of control and many families are affected. Many of the crimes committed are not being reported because people are in fear. This is why we are highlighting this. We want families to pray together to overcome these times," Gosine said.

Chairman of the Princes Town Regional Corporation Gowrie Roopnarine who also joined the march said the procession was meant to bring about cohesion and solidarity among residents of Princes Town. 

He also expressed dissatisfaction with the spate of crime saying it was commendable that religious organizations were joining in a coordinated effort to highlight rising crime.

- by Radhica De Silva