Marlene's constituents: No one above the law

Constituents of Port of Spain South said if the allegations are true about their MP Marlene McDonald and should she be found guilty she has in fact "betrayed the republic and this is a shame."

Some have called for her immediate resignation whilst others said she has no reason too.

Speaking under strict anonymity, a man who preferred to be referred to as a "concerned citizen" described the entire situation as unfortunate, "but the right thing must be done. Remove the Minister let justice prevail. No one is above the law. If found guilty, she had betrayed the republic and this is a shame."

"She should have resigned from day one, " he added.

In St James, a resident, who wished not to be named said he had no comment on the issue. Asked if she should resign as MP, he replied: "I have no input in that...anybody could stay me ain't have no problem with that...who they put or who they ain't put I have no problem."

A resident from Woodbrook who said he was "observing the developments" explained why she should not resign as MP, "Our rule of law states that a person is only guilty if found guilty before the Court. She is innocent and if she resigns she may look as though she is guilty for something. The people put her there so let her stay there until found guilty if so... The police could say whatever they want too."

A spokesperson for most of Sea Lots who did not want to be named expressed sadness for McDonald and reiterated that she was the only one helping them in the community. He, however, said he believes that she should remain as MP despite the fact that she was fired as a government minister - Minister of Public Administration.

"Allegations is just allegations and a person is always innocent until proven guilty by the Court... Remember that!" The Sea Lot resident said.

McDonald was fired from Cabinet a third time after she was charged with several offences relating to her partner's Calabar Foundation.

A media release from the Communications Ministry said the Prime Minister has advised President Paula-Mae Weekes to revoke her appointment.

McDonald and her partner Michael Carew were arrested at their home last Thursday morning and have been in custody since.

The investigation stems from cashed cheques amounting to $575,000: one for for $375,000 and the other for $200,000. Both were allegedly issued to the Calabar Foundation, headed by Carew, and collected on May 12, 2010, exactly 12 days before the PNM lost the general election to the People’s Partnership on May 24.

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