Massy Stores continues distribution of reusable bags

Massy Stores Chief Executive Officer Derek Winford continued the distribution of reusable bags to members of the public at the Gulf View and St. Augustine Stores on Friday and Monday respectively.

The reusable bags are part of Massy Stores’ thrust to “Get to Green” which limits the number of plastic in usage at its grocery chain across the region.

The campaign branded with the hashtags #LetsAllDoOurPart and #BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) aims to make the public more aware about the harmful effects of plastics and minimize its use as it adversely affects our environment, marine and wildlife.

Winford said it is all part of the company’s thrust to become more environmentally aware and reduce the reliance on plastics.

“We give away 34 million plastic bags every year and it really has to stop, so we have decided to use reusable bags. We intend to give away 80-thousand reusable bags which we believe is a good base to stop using plastic bags. We are asking members of the public to help us reduce plastic usage and plastic consumption in the country since we know of the damage it has been causing via the Internet and social media,” he said.

He added this is one of the first steps that the company has taken to reduce the amount of plastic, while ensuring that their actions match their words.

The distribution of reusable bags began on June 5th – World Environment Day at Massy Stores in Maraval and will continue at their other locations. 

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