Massy Stores distributes reusable bags to customers

Hundreds of reusable bags from Massy Stores were distributed to motorists and pedestrians by Massy Stores’ Chief Executive Officer, Derek Winford at Massy Stores, Maraval during the peak drive time period on Tuesday - World Environment Day.

The reusable bags are part of Massy Stores thrust to “Get to Green” which limits the amount of plastic in usage at its grocery chain across the region.

The campaign branded with the hashtags #LetsAllDoOurPart and #BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) aims to make the public more aware about the harmful effects of plastics and minimize its use as it adversely affects our environment and marine and wildlife.

Speaking to the media outside Massy Stores, Maraval, Winford said his organization wants to create a conversation about plastic.

“We have started discouraging the use of plastic bags at our front end of our operations. We are getting involved in recycling, we are rewarding Massy points for persons who recycle, and we are partnering with Carib Glass for a recycling initiative. We are also giving away free reusable bags and we are hoping that our thrust to limit the amount of plastic in our stores will be an impetus to get the Government moving on the Container Bill,” he said.

Researchers have found that plastic bags do not biodegrade and can only breakdown through photo degradation, which is decomposition through exposure to light. Subsequently, when this occurs the plastic bags break down into small, toxic particles. Another alarming issue is the fact that millions of wildlife and marine animals such as turtles and seahorses die each year from ingesting plastics. 

Winford said Massy Stores will continue to reduce the distribution of plastic bags at all Massy Stores locations across the five countries in which it operates - Barbados, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago.

The company has also partnered with recycling companies, such as Plastikeep in Trinidad and Tobago, which focuses on the collection and exportation of plastic waste.