MATT retains attorney Dr Emir Crowne in response to propose Cybercrime Bill

The Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) has engaged the services of attorney Dr. Emir Crowne in its response to the proposed Cybercrime Bill, 2017.

Crowne, is a barrister and attorney-at-law admitted to practice in Ontario, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago.

He is also a senior lecturer in law at the University of the West Indies’ Faculty of Law, Mona Campus in Jamaica.

The Steering Committee appointed by MATT to address the Cybercrime Bill 2017 says it is satisfied that Crowne’s legal opinions and recommendations seek to correct the concerns raised by the association about the controversial legislation.

In this regard, the Steering Committee added that it is comfortable working with Crowne to ensure that the work of journalists and the freedom of expression of all citizens are properly defended.

Crowne’s services are being provided pro bono.

During an emergency MATT meeting on March 24th, the Steering Committee, comprising MATT’s Vice President Joel Julien, MATT’s immediate past president Francesca Hawkins, Dr Sheila Rampersad, Kalifa Clyne and Mark Lyndersay, was appointed to guide the association’s approach and strategy in dealing with the controversial bill.

That emergency meeting followed MATT’s March 13th appearance before the Joint Select Committee (JSC) appointed to consider and report on the Cybercrime Bill, 2017.

Since its appointment, the steering committee has held physical meetings on April 4th and April 17th, and members have also been in constant contact using other channels of communication.

Among the issues discussed at the committee’s first meeting was the JSC’s interim report, which was laid in the House of Representatives on March 28th.

At the committee’s second meeting a letter from the Parliament dated April 12th and a letter from Crowne dated April 13th were among the issues addressed.

The correspondence from Parliament was in response to a letter from MATT dated March 14th requesting a second appearance before the JSC.

The JSC has acceded to MATT’s request for a second appearance.

A date and time for that meeting has not been provided as yet but once that information is relayed to us, the membership will be informed in a timely manner.

The Steering Committee says it is committed to fulfilling its mandate of guiding MATT’s approach and strategy in dealing with the Cybercrime Bill 2017, and remains open to all advice and input from members.

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