MATT in solidarity with retrenched media workers

Friday, November 11, 2016 - 04:15

The Media Association is standing in solidarity with media workers who are facing retrenchment.

MATT issued the following statement Thursday evening.

"The Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago stands in solidarity with dozens of media workers facing the dread and uncertainty of retrenchment.

Workers across several media houses have already been terminated and it is likely that this trend will continue across the sector.

At all levels of news production, reporters, editors, photojournalists, technical and press room staff alike are facing this reality. MATT extends great empathy to these colleagues, many of whom are specialised professionals in our industry.

While many businesses in Trinidad and Tobago are experiencing sharp declines in revenue, the news and broadcasting business model is doubly affected by flourishing social media alternatives.

The impact of social media on the bottom line was to be expected; negative impact on the traditional advertising model has been observed globally over several years.

What has been equally apparent is the painfully slow and piecemeal approach taken by management at national media houses to invest in new strategies, training and technology to more effectively prepare for the inevitable.

Workers who now face the breadline might well be justified in feeling that this latest round of retrenchment might have been mitigated by more progressive and timely interventions.

MATT urges media owners to adhere to industrial relations best practice and to, at the very least, offer their retrenched workers financial and other counselling that could assist them in navigating their immediate future.

Our executive and members are available to assist in any way that we can."