Mc Donald's attorney writes Integrity Commission on status of investigation

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 20:00

Attorney Michael Quamina has written to the Integrity Commission on behalf of Housing Minister Marlene Mc Donald, seeking to determine the status of an investigation against her.

The letter states that due to the public attention given to this issue, a speedy resolution is in the interest of all parties.

The following is the letter written by Quamina:

"I act on behalf of the Honourable Marlene Mc Donald, Member of Parliament for Port of Spain South and Minister of Housing and Urban Development in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

My client has noted with alarm the continued pressure being brought to bear upon the Integrity Commission, by her political opponents along with a particular interest group, to act on certain allegations with respect to her role in the allocation of a house by the Housing Development Corporation to Mr Michael Carew, while my client was not the Minister responsible for that Agency.

The inappropriate pressure being mounted upon the Commission by my client's political opponents, along with the interest group, is also being combined with equally inappropriate public calls by them for my client's resignation, without awaiting the Commission's findings.

That being said, sometime has in fact elapsed since the press reported that a complaint was made with respect to the allegations set out above, and in an immediate response, my client expressed her intention to cooperate fuIIy with the Integrity Commission, should the Commission consider it necessary to conduct an investigation. 

To date, my client has received no notification whatsoever that an investigation is being conducted. 

In light of the unfortunate public campaign being consistently waged by those opposed to my client, a speedy resolution to this matter is now in the best interest of all concerned.

Accordingly, my client has instructed me to write to enquire from you as to the status of the complaint.

I look forward to your urgent response."