Met Office: 70% chance of heavy showers in some areas; rivers still high

The Met Office has put its Adverse Weather Alert on Yellow Level and has dropped the Riverine Alert to Orange.

The Met Office says there is a 70% chance of heavy showers or thunderstorm activity in few areas.
It says this can result in street or flash flooding. 
It notes that landslips or landslides are possible.
It is advising persons to monitor weather conditions and official updates.
Meanwhile, with regard to its Riverine Alert, the Met Office says river levels are currently near threshold values in some parts, especially along the Caroni basin and flooding is ongoing in certain regions as well.
It notes that the levels are however decreasing, but says it will take some time, especially since rainfall is still in the forecast.
Therefore, it notes that a high risk to public safety, livelihoods and property still exists in these areas.
It is instructing citizens to assess their environment for safety concerns and to avoid wading through residual flood water.