Met Office: Long-period swells affecting northern coastlines

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) says reports indicate that mainly the northern coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago have been experiencing the effects of long-period swells.

It says the effects are in the form of large breaking waves, and while these swells are mainly affecting nearshore activity, the general sea state is not rough.

The event is expected to peak today, however, the swells are forecast to continue affecting these particular coastlines for at least the next week.

Long-period swells are usually low amplitude but as they approach shallow waters, the wave heights increase sharply leading to battering waves and localized disruption to sea bathing and nearshore coastal activity.

Additionally, conditions along affected shorelines will be aggravated due to spring tides and therefore will worsen during high tide

High tide today will be at 4:34 pm for Port-of-Spain and 4:18 pm for Scarborough.

Fisherfolk and citizens, in particular, those residing along coastal areas, are being asked to be on the alert for these sea conditions.

The TTMS says all necessary measures must be taken to preserve life and property. 

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