Minister: Nothing was wrong with SEA Mathematics exam

Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia says there was nothing wrong with the Mathematics section of the SEA examination and adds that the challenges faced by students should be "expected".

The Minister was addressing a question posed in Parliament today on the topic.

The question, asked by Caroni East MP, Dr Tim Gopeesingh, was: "Could the Minister indicate the consequences and remedial action required to be taken with respect to the concerns regarding the mathematical component of the Secondary Entrance Assessment examination papers on Thursday, April 04, 2019?"

Minister Garcia responded: "I know not about what the Member of Caroni speaks."

"If the member is referring to comments made by students that certains questions were challenging, that is expected. It happens all the time," he said.

Minister Garcia said that educators know that a well-designed examination must include a wide range of questions, ranging from simple ones to higher order questions that require interpretation and analysis.

"This is exactly what happened," Minister Garcia said.

He said that in any case, the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) has standard procedures for marking examinations concerning any issues that come up.

Several parents have echoed their children's complained about the challenges faced in Mathematics.

"I will like the Minister himself to sit the S.E.A paper under the same timing and see if he will finish on time with 100%, cause I agree the Maths questions are very difficult!!! and some of them require so much working," Nelia said on CNC3's Facebook page.

Mary-Ann added: "My daughter normally does well in maths and she said it was difficult, especially the last section. Didn't get time to check over because d questions required a lot of working and critical thinking. This broke me because I know I worked very hard with my kid and now to see this."

Some parents complained of the emotional stress the examination had on some students.

"During their 30min breaktime, children were crying because of the Maths," Dave said.

And from Lionel: "Heard an entire class was crying and the nun was also distraught. So what is the big difference with Maths of today and long ago."


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