Minister: TSTT CEO's $180,000 salary on par with others in industry

Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte is denying that bloated executive bonuses or monies owed to TSTT by the state was the reason the company was forced to send home hundreds of workers.

This comes after it was revealed that the CEO receives a monthly salary of $180,000.

Six hundred and thirty-one employees were sent home as the company said it was operating at a huge loss and needed to restructure to stay competitive and to keep almost 1,300 jobs.

But Opposition Senator Wade Mark asked if the bonuses and high salaries paid to executives and the nearly half a billion dollars owed to TSTT by the National Security Ministry for CCTV cameras could have contributed to the financial problems at the state enterprise.

The minister said the chief executive officer's salary is on par with similar telecommunications company.

He said it's half of what was paid to foreigners in the same job under the people's partnership.


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