Minister: We're seeing renewed energy and vigour among officers

Minister of National Security, Stuart Young has commended the police officers involved in the rescue of kidnap victim Maria Dass.

The minister told today's post-Cabinet media conference that he was being kept abreast of the situation as it transpired.

I said there appears to be a renewed energy and vigour displayed in the last few months among national security agencies.

He is calling on the public to continue to encourage law enforcement officers.

Investigators are yet to say whether the outfits worn by the men were authentic police or military gear.

However, Minister Young said that it is of concern to him as Minister of National Security, that people are utilising this type of wear.

He says he is concerned about where they are getting it from.

With regards to the safety of the University of the West Indies from where Dass was kidnapped, the minister said it's a matter for the Police service but added that he knows they are working closely with UWI security