Ministers: No school closures over water for rest of this term

The Ministers of Education and Public Utilities have given assurances that water shortages will not prompt schools to close unexpectedly for the duration of the term, despite projections that the harsh dry season will continue into July.

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia met with Minister of Public Utilities, Robert Le Hunte, to review the protocols that ensure schools are prioritised in the water distribution schedule in effect nationwide.

Garcia says principals will have to alert the ministry at the end of the school day if there are supply challenges.

The concern will be passed on by the ministry to WASA for urgent action.

Minister Garcia says while protocols were already in place to receive these reports, school supervisors will be deployed into their districts to be in closer contact with school principals.

Five schools have had early dismissals in recent weeks because of inadequate water supply, but Garcia says this is an option of last resort.

He points out that the early closure of schools has a domino effect, putting a strain on parents, the school transportation system and the school feeding programme.

 - Faine Richards

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