Ministry promises hard stance against illegal dumping of garbage

Thursday, December 21, 2017 - 09:45

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government says that as part of the ongoing efforts to monitor cleanliness across the nation, it has come to light that the problem of illegal dumping has increased during the Christmas season.

In a statement issued by the Ministry, Minister Kazim Hosein says the Ministry is taking a hard stance against illegal dumping on roadsides and along river banks as it poses a major threat to public health.

“Illegal dumping contributes to the incidence of flooding and attracts rodents and other pests, as garbage causes blockages and impedes the run-off of water. We must be mindful of our surroundings and keep our communities clean. There are proper ways to dispose of garbage, and we urge citizens to follow the rules. We are taking these matters very seriously and offenders will be charged for their illegal activities,” the Minister said.

The statement adds that illegal dumping poses a severe public health hazard as garbage frequently enters drains and watercourses, causing blockages and ultimately, flooding.

It says that litter wardens and Public Health Departments at each Municipal Corporation, continue to work diligently to enforce the laws for proper garbage disposal.