Ministry: Tuberculosis that killed ASJA Girls' staff member not contagious

The Ministry of Education says that the necessary measures were taken to allay the concerns of the staff, students and parents of the ASJA Girls' College, Charlieville following the death of one of the school's auxiliary staff.

The passing has raised concerns for stakeholders of the college as her cause of death was identified as pulmonary Tuberculosis.

The ministry says it was advised that the latent case of the disease that had been contracted was in no way contagious and staff and students would not be affected.

"To ensure however that all parties can feel a sense of relief, the Ministry, guided by officers of the Public Health and Insect Vector Control Unit visited and sprayed the premises on Monday 26th November, 2018. The chemicals used take up to 48 hours to dissipate and as a result the school was closed," the ministry's statement said.

It added that the college will resume normal operations on Friday 30th November, 2018 as Thursday 29th November was allocated for teacher professional development and will therefore be closed.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia has expressed his satisfaction with the way the Public Health Unit and officials of the Ministry of Health have responded to the situation.

“I have received calls from concerned parents about testing for Tuberculosis and while I understand why parents may be agitated at this time the Ministry of Health has definitively stated that there is no need for testing at this time because of the non-transferable nature of the condition,” the minister said.

The statement said that Ministry of Education officials continue to work with the staff and students of the school to aid in returning the school to normal.

Minister Garcia also expressed his sincerest condolences to the family of the deceased and commended the work she would have done as a member of staff at ASJA Girls' College.

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