Ministry: WASA provided water to Penal community Sunday and Monday, they protest today

The Ministry of Public Utilities has come to the defence of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), saying the utility has been doing its best to provide water to areas that have been suffering.

The Ministry says in a statement that WASA only recently provided water to a community in Penal that protested for water this morning.

The following is a statement by the Ministry of Public Utilities.

"The Ministry of Public Utilities recognises the efforts made by the Water and Sewerage Authority to manage the country’s water resources during the period of the dry season, which occurs every year between the months of January to June.

The Ministry acknowledges that WASA, is unable at this time, to supply water to every household or business entity on a 24/ 7 basis. This remains an aspiration.

However, in order to ensure that affected areas receive a supply of water, and particularly during this period, the Authority last Thursday, April 27, published a schedule for water distribution to certain areas in the country. The Authority is making strenuous efforts to ensure that this schedule is adhered to.

Notwithstanding this, the Ministry notes with great interest, that some residents of the Penal / Debe area have chosen to engage in protest action, despite the fact that water has been distributed to that area on Sunday and Monday in keeping with the published revised water schedule.

In addition, the area has also benefitted from a truck borne water service in a bid to augment the supplies distributed through WASA’s system, and in adherence to the published schedule of the past week.

WASA reports that the area at Solomon Knox Road off Lachoos Road in Penal, where the protest took place received a pipe borne supply on Monday night. The water pressure was 18 psi at LP 109 (beginning) and 6 psi at the extremities, considerably in excess of the 4-5 psi, which is considered adequate for households.

The Ministry is advised that this was confirmed by the local government representative for the area.

The Ministry of Public Utilities will continue to work closely with WASA and all stakeholders to mitigate the discomfort to the population, caused by the reduced availability of water during the dry season."