Misogyny fuelling attacks on Chaguanas mayor

Thursday, December 19, 2019 - 12:30

One women's rights activist says the shaming of new Chaguanas Mayor Vandana Mohit is outright misogyny and could even be domestic and sexual violence.

Amilcar Sanatan says it is time that form of misogyny is challenged.

According to the gender rights activist, whether you call it ‘slut shaming’ or ‘revenge porn’, what is being done to the new Chaguanas Mayor is something much worse and very serious.

“What activists call it—especially the feminists and the women’s rights movement—is ‘non-consensual pornography’,” he explains. “We see non-consensual pornography as a form of sexual violence on the internet; but also, it can be mobilised as a form of domestic violence.”

And according to Safiyyah Acosta of Womantra, it's a form of violence that affects women disproportionately.

“Women tend to be attacked in this way,” she points out, “because our image, our body and our sexuality are tied so closely with our value and our worth as human beings.”

Amilcar Sanatan believes one way to change this practise of shaming and double standard, is for men to stop perpetuating the practise of sharing private images of women.

“All those WhatsApp groups which support Arsenal or Barcelona, or want to watch Champions League,” he says, “that always leads to sharing of nudes and leaks. Fellas, you need to stand up and speak out and say that is wrong. You need to exit that group. You need to call out your brethren.”

And in this digital age, Santan says what we're seeing is political sex scandals that are now happening on the internet. However, he stresses that the disproportional way on how it affects women makes it “outright misogyny”.