Mitchell: Visitors enjoyed a safe Carnival

Tourism Minister, Randall Mitchell says the 2019 Carnival experience had by visitors to this country was significantly enhanced by the level of safety and security provided.

He said the warmth and friendliness of all citizens also had a positive impact on the destination’s image.

Minister Mitchell's remarks were made in the wake of what many, including the police, have described as the safest T&T Carnival in many years.

"Visitors enjoyed themselves at our well-maintained beaches, Carnival fetes and even our culture and cuisine," the minister said.

He said that more than 90 cruise passengers arrived in Port-of-Spain aboard the MV Serenissima on Carnival Monday and were taken to the Queen's Park Savannah to experience Parade of the Bands.

Producers and cast of US reality television show, "Love and Hip Hop," were also here during the Carnival season to film two episodes.

At least ten communities will be featured in the production, which is expected to be aired in June.

Also during Carnival 2019, a delegation from China's Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, led by its Director General, Song Yu had brief collaborative talks with Mitchell and a team from the Ministry, which included the CEO of Tourism Trinidad Limited, Camille Campbell, at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, on promoting tourism between T&T and Beijing. Su said people of China’s capital city were very excited about visiting T&T because of the steelpan and the Pitch Lake.

Mitchell said the warmth and friendliness of citizens of T&T were displayed by all during the Carnival season, adding that not only the police did a good job but Immigration Officers also ensured the process from arrival to departure was smooth for the visitor.

He also thanked lifeguards for playing their important role in ensuring beachgoers were safe.

Thousands of visitors came from North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Japan for the festival, which is described as the Greatest Show on Earth.

According to Mitchell this augers well for the further development of the tourism sector in this country. He urged citizens and stakeholders to continue to do all they can to promote the destination as the nation continues to improve its tourism offerings.

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