Mom links car to daughter’s killing

The moth­er of a woman who was shot dead by po­lice in San­ta Cruz be­lieves her daugh­ter’s death may be linked to a car which she bought four days be­fore the in­ci­dent.

Ker­ri Ser­ries, 29, and the oth­er vic­tim, Rochy­on King Ashter­man, 19, were killed by of­fi­cers of the Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Re­sponse Team (SORT) while at La Canoa Road in San­ta Cruz at about 9.25 pm. They were both in Ser­ries’ white Hon­da City. A pa­tron of a bar was al­so in­jured and re­mains ward­ed at hos­pi­tal.


Po­lice said on Sat­ur­day the SORT team at­tempt­ed to stop a ve­hi­cle with two oc­cu­pants on Fri­day and were shot at by oc­cu­pants of the car.

“One of the of­fi­cers was shot in the leg.

“In keep­ing with the use of force pol­i­cy, po­lice re­turned fire wound­ing the two oc­cu­pants,” the re­port stat­ed.

A pho­to­graph of an un­marked po­lice SUV with what ap­peared to be bul­let mark­ings on the front bon­net was re­leased by the TTPS as ev­i­dence of a fire-fight.

How­ev­er, Ser­ries’ moth­er, who was at the Foren­sic Sci­ence Cen­tre (FSC) on Mon­day claimed some peo­ple wit­nessed the in­ci­dent.

She said her daugh­ter was a busi­ness­woman sell­ing ba­by items and toys and used Face­book to mar­ket her busi­ness and take or­ders for de­liv­ery.

The moth­er, who is said to be in a state of shock said that her daugh­ter was a moth­er of three chil­dren and had asked her for mon­ey to pur­chase a ve­hi­cle and she had giv­en her $40,000 to­wards it.

She said she saw the ve­hi­cle for sale on Face­book on a page sell­ing items and de­cid­ed to meet with the sell­er to pur­chase it.

“That car, I think the root of the prob­lem is that car. When my daugh­ter got the car on Tues­day she parked it home in Diego Mar­tin and that same day at 5.30 pm she went to Ch­aguara­mas with one of her friends for a test dri­ve be­cause she can’t dri­ve too well. Thurs­day she gone back Ch­aguara­mas with a neigh­bour. Fri­day she went on er­rands and the car re­main in Diego Mar­tin in a fam­i­ly house. Then about 7 pm Fri­day was the first time that car leave the west. But I think the po­lice was mark­ing that ve­hi­cle and didn’t know the car was sold,” she sur­mised.

The moth­er said she had no clue why her daugh­ter was in San­ta Cruz that night.

Ashter­man’s girl­friend and moth­er, who were al­so at the FSC said he loved to help peo­ple. Ashter­man was the son of Guardian Me­dia ra­dio DJ Rod­ney “Fire­ball” King.

“My son not in no gun thing. He is a graph­ic artist al­ways on busi­ness. He may be lim­ing at the wrong place at the wrong time. Last time I spoke to my son was Thurs­day he made a graph­ic for my busi­ness place. Why all yuh smear­ing his name? Why be­cause he liv­ing Bel­mont? Come on. They were lim­ing by his friends. I don’t know how she met him up or what. He was dri­ving cause she now get the car and she don’t dri­ve at night. Even af­ter the shoot­ing, all his friends was like they don’t know her.

They don’t know this per­son. It was a chance en­counter,” she added.

Ser­ries’ moth­er said some­time on Sun­day evening she got a strange call warn­ing her to stay away from FSC as Ashter­man’s rel­a­tives want­ed her dead but af­ter meet­ing with them at the FSC she re­alised that it may have been an at­tempt to keep the two fam­i­lies apart and cause mal­ice.

“Maybe they did not want us to talk and unite to fight against this.”

Ashter­man’s rel­a­tives even ex­pressed shock.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat
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