Moonilal: Dillon must explain why he sold New York apartment

Opposition MP, Dr Roodal Moonilal believes National Security Minister, Edmund Dillon owes the country an explanation about why he sold his New York apartment.

Dr Moonilal issued the following statement on Monday.

"Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon has a responsibility to explain to the nation why he sold his disputed New York apartment after he had insisted he was not guilty in the messy property dispute.

Mr. Dillon has a duty to justify the sale of the luxury mansion for a peppercorn US $10.

The curious sale follows the Minister’s court appearance on the property and his subsequent insistence that there had been no finding of wrongdoing against him.

The public scandal over Mr. Dillon’s property has further affected the credibility of the Minister, whose woeful non-performance has now made him the subject of public ridicule.

One daily newspaper has even dubbed him a “national bobolee.”

The property row and Mr. Dillon’s defence of his alleged misdeeds have distracted his attention from one of the most critical and urgent jobs in Trinidad and Tobago – protecting a besieged nation form an unprecedented crime epidemic.

Mr. Dillon’s abject failure as Minister of National Security has led him to face a no-confidence motion from the parliamentary Opposition, acting on behalf of an overwhelmed country. A motion that remains alive in the Parliament and one to which I will am eager to contribute.

It’s now a matter of public record that Mr. Dillon’s response was a cocktail of callousness, coldness and contempt.

The latest development in the property dispute raises more pertinent questions about Trinidad and Tobago’s much derided Minister of National Security."

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