Moonilal: Government to blame for three murders in Debe last night

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 03:45

Oropouche East Member of Parliament, Dr Roodal Moonilal says the PNM Government must take blame for the murder of three people in Debe last night.

The MP says the Government is incompetent in dealing with crime.

He issued this statement after the killings.

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"The murders of three people at Debe on Thursday night are the direct result of the PNM Government’s rank incompetence in handling the ever-worsening crime scourge throughout Trinidad and Tobago.  

The loss of three more lives to the crime epidemic further highlights the Government’s lack of political will to drive the police service to protect citizens. 

The killings come in the face of a recent increase in serious crimes in rural communities, including a concerted attack on businessmen. 

Still, recently as Thursday the Minister of National Security gloated about a “crime-free” society even as more and more nationals are losing their lives to criminals. 

Thursday night’s murders – one of which took place in the yard of a Hindu temple – once more unmasks the Government’s gross inability to take guns off the street. Indeed, the continued spate of gun violence suggests an increase in illegal weapons. 

The inept Rowley continues to place emphasis on speed guns and breathalysers while the violent crime siege has turned Trinidad and Tobago into one of the deadliest countries in the world. 

Recent moves to create safe zones at Laventille, Sea Lots and Beetham Estate have seen crime being exported to areas like Debe, Tunapuna, Chaguanas, St Joseph, Penal and other communities, which the Government has shown no resolve in protecting. 

I previously appealed for a full police station at Debe, instead of the current office for the highway patrol. I repeat my plea. I also call for the re-introduction of the Community Comfort patrol, which had brought a measure of security and safety to sub-urban and rural areas. 

I plead with Rowley regime to place the deserved priority to taming this bane of our times, so the country would be spared more anguish as that being endured by families and friends of Thursday night murder victims. Trinidad and Tobago simply cannot go on this way.  

Our nation has never been more unsafe; if the Rowley government cannot handle the crime epidemic they must resign and call general elections now."