Moonilal: I will not be badgered, bullied and shut up by "crooked" Government

Member of Parliament for Oropouche East, Dr Roodal Moonilal says he will not be badgered, bullied and shut up by legal action being brought by the Government.

The former Housing Minister said in a statement that he believes this is an attempted by the PNM to divert attention away from an issue involving PNM member Harry Ragoonanan.

Dr Moonilal issued the following statement today:

"Today I was informed that the Ministers at the Attorney General’s office filed a defence and counter-claim against named contractors who first took legal action against the Estate Management Business Development Company (EMBDC) for outstanding payments.

The effect of their defence is to postpone the serious and urgent matters filed in court from the contractors.

In a convoluted and bizarre development, the Government that threw out the Malcolm Jones civil suit involving $16 billion has now filed a defence to accuse the service contractors they recently hired..

This is clearly a ploy to frustrate and stop the lawsuit against the Government.

More than that, it illustrates a Government in panic mode after my major revelations on Armygate and the recent shock expose involving the Attorney General in a Watergate-type scandal.

In addition, this is also a naked effort to divert the public’s attention from the stunning disclosures of PNM stalwart Harry Ragoonanan about a $200 million fiasco with respect to the lease of inter-island ferries.

The Rowley regime is also facing stinging national denunciation on the demeaning characterisation of women and on the increasing hardship being imposed on nationals.

I also find it strange and confusing that while the Government is holding the Boards of the Port Authority and Petrotrin accountable on the “ferry fiasco” and “fake oil” scandals respectively, the Minister is being held accountable in the alleged issue involving EMBDC.

Last Thursday I learnt of the documents filed by the Attorney General in a matter in which there has been a deliberate attempt at political mischief and an effort to sully my integrity and character. Notably, this was done after I made serious allegations, corroborated with documented evidence, against the Attorney General.

In a remarkable and bewildering schedule to their defence, they have submitted typed-up pages of what they have termed text messages, but which are, at best, fabricated, manipulated, mutilated and carelessly misarranged to paint a picture of civil wrongdoings.

There are no screen shots, no full display of messages, no certificate of authenticity from any known telecommunications service provider.

Of interest is that companies named by the office of the Attorney General were recently granted lucrative Government contracts.

The Minister made much of the provision of a housing unit to a former official of EMBDC. But his Government felt it appropriate for the Chair of Housing Development Corporation to direct the then-Acting Managing Director to effect recommendations from a former Government Minister since “we may need him in the future for assistance.”

In any case, the HDC routinely receives recommendations from various quarters for the provision of houses.

This matter is clearly a brazen, vicious and mischievous attempt to prosecute and silence me from continuing to expose the misconduct, corruption and incompetence of the Rowley regime.

I assure Trinidad and Tobago that I will not be badgered, bullied and shut up by the most inept and crooked administration in the country’s recent history."

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