Moonilal slams PM’s response to travel warnings

Monday, February 26, 2018 - 01:15

Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal is suggesting that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley enlist the help of US lobbyist Arthur Collins to help rebuild the country’s international reputation in the face of adverse travel advisories.

The Oropouche East representative was critical of Rowley’s “flippant response” to recent negative advisories from various countries about the crime situation in T&T. Collins heads the lobbyist firm The Group DC LLC, which has been retained by the Government for two years to represent its interests in Washington.

Moonilal, who was at a health fair and medical clinic at the Ramai Trace Temple in Debe, in his constituency, described the Prime Minister’s response as “the most remarkable nonsense I have ever heard.” He pointed out that a travel advisory is a very important notification for tourism, business and travellers.

“Dr Rowley is saying anyone should go to war torn places, forget the travel advisory. I think he is guilty of burying his head in the sand and when you bury your head in the sand you expose the rest of you to the elements,” Moonial said.

Rowley said on Saturday that citizens should not to be beaten down by or cry over the negative advisory issues issues by United States on Thursday in which its warns of terrorism and advises its citizens against visiting parts if Port-of-Spain, including the interior of the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia had issued travel advisories warning of crime and terrorism after a threat to disrupt Carnival celebrations was revealed by the Police Service.

Noting that Government had hired the lobbyist for $18 million when they first got into office, Moonilal said Collins and his firm should “get involved and try to remedy the damage to the country’s international image.”

Source: (Sascha Wilson)