More Aldermen being sworn-in today

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 - 12:00

More Aldermen are being sworn into office in their regional corporations, today.

Aldermen were sworn in at 10 this morning in the Diego Martin, Princes Town and the Couva / Tabaquite / Talparo Regional Corporations.

Aldermen for the San Juan / Laventille Regional Corporation were sworn into office at noon.

The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation and Arima Borough Corporation also will have their ceremonies at 1 pm, today.

And at 1.30 pm, the swearing-in ceremonies for the Mayaro, Siparia and Tunapuna / Piarco Regional Corporations will take place.

The Penal Debe Regional Corporation will have its aldermen sworn in at 2 pm, while the San Fernando City Corporation will have its swearing in ceremony at 3 pm.

Yesterday, aldermen were sworn into office for the Point Fortin Borough Corporation and the Port-of-Spain City Corporation.

An administrative glitch resulted in the swearing-in ceremony for the Chaguanas Borough Corporation not taking on Monday 16 December as originally scheduled. The Corporation has until midnight to swear-in its officers.



Story by NEWS DESK