A mother’s heartbreak

A moth­er who had been fi­nal­is­ing doc­u­ments to have her on­ly son come live with her in Cana­da is now mourn­ing his un­time­ly death. And there is the pos­si­bil­i­ty she may not be able to at­tend his fu­ner­al to say her fi­nal good­bye.

Michael Creese, 20, was lim­ing with friends at a house at Fire­crack­er Av­enue in La Hor­quet­ta when gun­men am­bushed them.


Creese died on the scene while two oth­ers were shot and wound­ed. The in­ci­dent oc­curred at 8.30 pm on Fri­day.

Speak­ing with the Guardian Me­dia at the Foren­sics Sci­ence Cen­tre in St James on Mon­day, Creese’s grand­moth­er, who did not wish to give her name, said her daugh­ter left T&T over sev­en years ago to bet­ter her life and had planned on re­unit­ing with her son in Cana­da.

“She is a hard­work­ing moth­er and would do any­thing to take care of her son. Her on­ly child. He was so anx­ious too that he would talk about go­ing up soon to be with her, “ she said.

The grand­moth­er said sad­ly her daugh­ter will have to miss her on­ly child’s fu­ner­al be­cause if she re­turns to T&T she may not be able to re­turn to Cana­da.

“Every time I call her she is cry­ing. My grand­son was rude to me and had like to back an­swer me and tell me he is a big man. Peo­ple said he was very re­spectable, lov­ing and friend­ly, “ Creese’s grand­moth­er said.

The woman said when the gun­men ap­proached her grand­son and his friends, his friends ran but Creese re­mained seat­ed, “That’s when the gun­men start to spray bul­lets but my grand­son maybe thought they wouldn’t have killed him be­cause he wasn’t in any­thing and nev­er did any­thing wrong and that no one want­ed him but they killed him. So in­no­cent.”

“What is this place com­ing to? I don’t know but some­one has to stand up against all these sense­less killings and I feel that I will have to do that, “ she lament­ed.

The grand­moth­er added that the La Hor­quet­ta area was a very peace­ful place decades ago but strong­ly feels that un­em­ploy­ment is the cause of crime, “The young peo­ple not work­ing and they want. If they not us­ing drugs they sell­ing it and if you have some­thing they want it and that’s what is fu­elling the crime. The young peo­ple need jobs. Long-time La Hor­quet­ta was a safe place my chil­dren used to wake up at 4 am and walk the roads with my moth­er and it was safe...not now,” she said

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant


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