Mother of missing salesman prays for his safe return

Friday, January 17, 2020 - 14:30

Even as po­lice and rel­a­tives put to­geth­er a search par­ty this morn­ing for miss­ing sales­man Shane Ram­jat­tan, his moth­er is hold­ing firm that her son will re­turn home alive.

Bury­ing her face in her hands as she wept at their Julien Branch Trace, Rochard Road, Pe­nal home, Rad­i­ca Ram­jat­tan, 59, again begged the peo­ple who she be­lieves ab­duct­ed her son to re­lease him un­harmed.


"Ah beg­ging al­lyuh send him back, I beg­ging al­lyuh," she plead­ed as the tears rolled down her face.

Up to mid­day, the po­lice were still wait­ing for the ar­rival of snif­fer dogs to be­gin search­ing the bush­es near Moru­ga.

Rel­a­tives and vil­lagers gath­ered at the scene since be­fore 9 am wait­ing for the po­lice to ar­rive. They said the po­lice told them not to be­gin search­ing un­til they ar­rived be­cause the dogs will not pick up a scent.

Ram­jat­tan, 24, a fa­ther of two, was last seen by his fa­ther around 8.30 pm on Wednes­day leav­ing a bar not far from their home in the com­pa­ny's van. His fa­ther Ramesh Ram­jat­tan, 60, said they drank a cou­ple of beers and his son won a few thou­sand dol­lars on the roulette ma­chine.

Ram­jat­tan was sup­posed to drop back the van along with the day's sales at his work­place, a co­conut wa­ter and juice com­pa­ny lo­cat­ed close to his home, be­fore head­ing to his house.

Rel­a­tives say he usu­al­ly walked home. But, Ram­jat­tan nev­er made it. Around 7 am on Thurs­day po­lice of­fi­cers were dri­ving along the Pe­nal Rock Road when reach­ing the ten-mile mark, Moru­ga, they saw the Kia van in the ditch in the bush­es.

Up­on in­ves­ti­gat­ing they ob­served the key in the ig­ni­tion, his pair of shoes and a cell phone. The po­lice made con­tact with Ram­jat­tan’s rel­a­tives and his fa­ther went to the scene. He saw no traces of blood in the van.

How­ev­er, one of the two cool­ers that Ram­jat­tan used to trans­port the co­conut wa­ter and juices which was on the tray was miss­ing.

Any­one with in­for­ma­tion about his where­abouts is asked to con­tact the po­lice or his par­ents at 654-3001.

Reporter: Sascha Wilson