MSJ writes Integrity Commission for investigation on Cambridge Analytica matter

Political Leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdulah has written to the Chairman of the Integrity Commission formally requesting that the Integrity Commission investigates whether any public funds and or resources were used by to hire Cambridge Analytica.

The request seeks to determine if funds were spent by 

· The Ministry of National Security and/or the National Security Council and/or the Office of the Prime Minister (under whose portfolio the National Security Council may have resided given that the Prime Minister chairs the NSC) and/or any other Government Ministry, Department or Agency (including state enterprises whose Board members are “persons in public life”

· The Ministry of Legal Affairs and/or the Attorney General’s Office

· The Ministry of Planning and/or the Central Statistical Office

to hire Cambridge Analytica and/or SCL Elections or any related firm (e.g. Palantir, AggregateIQ) to engage in data mining or similar activity.

MSJ is also asking the Integrity Commission to further investigate if the results and/or information obtained from such activity/research were then used by any political party or officials of any party that held public office in the timeframe January 1, 2013 to September 30, 2015.

Abdulah referenced the relevant sections of the Integrity in Public Life Act stating:

“We are therefore calling on the Integrity Commission to investigate whether or not there was a violation of the Integrity in Public Life Act Clauses 24 (2) (c) and (d) and Clause 25 among other relevant Clauses. Clauses 24 (2) (c) and (d) specifically prohibit a person in public life from “using public property or services for activities not related to his official work”; “directly or indirectly using his office for private gain” respectively; while Clause 25 prohibits a person in public life from “using information that is gained in the execution of his office and which is not available to the general public to further or seek to further his private interests”.

The MSJ says: "It is our respectful view that “private interests” include the interests of the election campaign of the individual in public life and/or the election campaign of the political party of which he is an official/ member/supporter.”

The MSJ statement says the party views this matter very seriously and looks forward to a robust and urgent investigation by the Integrity Commission and if necessary action taken against anyone who may have been guilty of breaking the law.

The MSJ added that it will also be writing the Attorney General with respect to the status of the Data Protection Act which was debated and passed by the Parliament in 2011 and assented to on June 22, 2011, but which to our knowledge has not been fully proclaimed and implemented.

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