Murder in Moruga

Police are searching for clues to solve the murder of  Moruga gardener Valentine “Mightyman” Andrews who was shot dead at his home on Thursday night.

Andrews, 48, was well known in his village and used to sell beers and cigarettes outside his home.

The street on which he lived, St Andrews Terrace, was named after his family.

Investigators said around 9 pm, two gunmen wearing camouflage clothing entered his home and began firing at point blank range.

Another gunman wearing a mask stood guarding the house while the other accomplices accosted Andrews.

Neighbours reported hearing three gunshots.

They called in the police and a party of officers led by Sgt Seepersad visited the scene.

He was pronounced dead on arrival. An autopsy will be done on his body today.

Guardian Media will bring you more information as this story unfolds.

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