Murder victim was no "badboy"

Relatives of murder victim Andy Ragoobir are insisting that he was no "bad boy."

Ragoobir, 30, the father of one was shot several times on Wednesday night near his home at El Chorro, Maracas/St Joseph.

According to his relatives, who wished not to be named, Ragoobir kept to himself and would not speak of anything to anyone of them.

"It is so unfortunate. Because we don’t know why this happen.

He’s a child who didn’t like to talk. So if someone had threatened him, he wouldn’t say. He would keep it to himself. But he wasn’t no badman either, " a close male relative said.

"He was always helping everyone. He helping everyone in the community. If you see him and ask him to do something for you, he would come and do it. He’s a very helpful child. He would help you do anything. So we don’t know what going on, " he added.

Relatives said Ragoobir was last seen playing football with residents from the area at a nearby savannah.

"We don't know if the game was done or he just left to come home and was in a chair breezing out. We assume he went to get some juice or something and to breeze out and then bathe but we don’t know what happen after and nobody saying anything, " another relative said.

Police said just two months ago he was charged for possession of a firearm.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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