Murdered soldier's daughter, sister say he was not the voice in ISIS-threat recordings

Two people who identified themselves as the daughter and sister of Regiment Corporal Jerry Leacock who was murdered on Tuesday morning, are insisting that claims that he was the person whose voice was heard in the audio recordings of an ISIS threat, are entirely false.

An audio recording that was circulated across social media late Tuesday, alleged that Leacock was the soldier who leaked the information.

However, a woman who goes by the name Tin Tin Jack on Facebook, has identified herself as Leacock's daughter as she denied the claims.

Jack says the rumour "is nowhere close to truth".

She added: "My dad has nothing to do with no ISIS bulls**t. I am his daughter and you guys need to get proper information first! That's not even my dad's voice and he is not a person to be involved in that bulls**t".

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Meanwhile, a woman going by the name Josie J Lee-Tee on Facebook identified himself as Leacock's sister as he too denied the rumours.

"Where is the evidence? How does his death relate to that (the recordings)?" she asked.

"I could be mistaken but this is a simple case of youths in our nation needing help that we as brothers and sisters and a nation are failing to provide. It was a robbery that went wrong full stop," she said.

She added: "The boys or men who did this, we do not wish them any ill but only hope that they get the help need to make them better citizens in society."

Police have made no official link between the killing and the recordings but have said that they are investigating all allegations.


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