Mysterious fire destroys two Ministry of Works' vehicles

Employees of the Ministry of Works’ Caroni District office at Woodford Lodge in Chaguanas are calling for the re-implementation of a 24-hour security service on the compound, following Monday night’s incident where two vehicles were believed to have been deliberately set on fire.

The T&T Guardian was told by an eyewitness that at about 9.30 pm, smoke was seen coming from a Pajero SUV and within minutes the entire vehicle burst into flames.

A Nissan 4x4 pick-up van, which was parked adjacent to the SUV, was also scorched. Two people were seen running away from the scene and into some nearby bushes parallel to the nearby Perseverance Road.

Yesterday, fire prevention officers from the Chaguanas Fire Station were seen carrying out investigations on both vehicles.

The vehicles were non-functional and down for repairs, but it is believed that people were attempting to steal parts.

One worker, who wished not to be identified, said: “They would have to bring back security here because is years now they removed the MTS guards and the other security officers we used to have.

“We are here since 1978. This incident has raised a lot of safety and security concerns and we would like measures to be taken.

“It is unfair for us to have labourers from the ministry serving as watchmen at nights. Their lives are valuable.”

The compound also houses the Highway Division and Bridges Unit. There are close to 100 employees stationed there.

Contacted yesterday, Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan said he expects a full report today.

Source: (Rhondor Dowlat)

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