NCRHA probes assault of doctor at Arouca Health Centre

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 14:00

The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) says it is currently investigating an incident that occurred at the Arouca Health Centre yesterday afternoon, where a doctor was allegedly assaulted by an irate patient.
According to initial reports, the doctor was on duty at the Arouca Health Centre providing care to a patient affected by acute conjunctivitis (red eye) when around 6:30pm a female patient from the public waiting area, allegedly barged into the consultation room and assaulted the doctor with an umbrella and her fists.
The NCRHA said the doctor made a hasty retreat as the patient was quickly constrained by the security personnel assigned to the facility.

So far the NCRHA has not been able to determine a motive for the actions by the patient.
A report was made to the Arouca Police Station by the doctor affected and police officers are currently investigating the incident.

Statements have been taken from patients who were present during the incident as well as other medical staff who were on duty at the time.
The NCRHA is complimenting the security team for their quick response to prevent serious injury from occurring.

A statement by the NCRHA said that at no point did the physician or any other staff retaliate to the patient physically or otherwise.