Near $16 million collected in speeding tickets

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 09:45

Police are once again appealing to drivers to refrain from drinking and driving and also to refrain from driving above the speed limit.

This, as close to $16 million in speeding tickets have been issued so far.

Acting Senior Supt Basdeo Ramdhanie of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch today gave an update on offences and loss of life on the nation's roads.


"As of today’s date, a total of 40 persons have lost their lives in 38 road traffic accidents on the nation’s roads for 2018.

This is compared to 39 deaths from 36 road traffic accidents for the same period last year.

Over the weekend, two fatal accidents resulted in the tragic and yet preventable loss of life.

At around 1:00 am on Sunday 13th May, 2018, 29-year-old, Jordan McCarthy, was killed after his vehicle crashed on into another vehicle which was heading in the opposite direction along the Western Main Road, Carenage.

A few hours later at around 4:00 am, a road traffic accident involving a breach of a traffic signal at the Southern Main Road, Curepe & Churchill Roosevelt Highway intersection, claimed the life of a 57-year-old driver, identified as Earl Ashton Woods.

What is extremely upsetting, is the high level of preventability involved in both of these incidents.

The TTPS wishes to express our sincerest condolences to the families of the victims and remind all road users of the serious responsibility involved in road use.

We wish remind drivers who are in the first vehicle at Traffic Light Controlled intersections, to wait 3-4 seconds before moving off on a green light to ensure the intersection is clear.

Do this even if it causes the driver behind to sound the horn. Remember you are the most at risk moving off first from the light.

To date, a total of 15,928 speeding tickets were issued to motorists for breaching roadway speed limits.

The tickets are valued at Fifteen Million, Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight Thousand Dollars ($15,928,000), with 35% of these being issued by the Traffic and Highway Patrol Speed Teams and the other 65% being issued by Divisional Speed Teams, along main roads.

Although there has been a 40% decrease in deaths recorded along the major highways, excessive speeding continues to be one of the main contributing factors to fatal and serious road traffic deaths.

Last Friday evening, officers from the Highway Patrol arrested and charged a driver for Driving under the Influence (DUI) along the Uriah Butler Highway in the vicinity of ANSA MCAL, Chaguanas, after receiving a report of a pickup driving dangerously on the highway.

The vehicle was intercepted and the driver submitted to a breathalyzer test and was found to have a breath alcohol level of 92 micrograms per 100 milliliters of breath, 57 microgrammes over the legal limit of 35 microgrammes.

When the officers conducted a background check of the driver on the police database, it was revealed this would be the driver’s fourth (4th) DUI offence.

The driver appeared before a Chaguanas Magistrate on Monday morning, pleading not guilty to the offence and is due to reappear in court next week on Tuesday 22nd May, 2018.

Again, we continue to advise drivers not to consume alcohol if they are driving.

The fact that this driver managed to be caught four times for the offence indicates a high level of offence detection on the roadways by law enforcement.

Utilising taxis, calling friends or family and ride sharing options are always the best alternatives to taking the chance of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Already for 2018, total of 996 drivers have been arrested and charged for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offences.

Highway Roadside Vending The Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch is warning all vendors who continue to engage in the dangerous practice of illegal roadside vending, that an enforcement and removal exercise shall be commencing next week.

As the public may be aware, these vendors were served warning notices by the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch.

However, many have still chosen to ignore them and thereby continue to pose a threat to themselves and motorists.

Road Safety Coordinator, PC Brent Batson: Rainy Season – Tyre Safety Checks At this time we wish to remind motorists with the impending commencement of the rainy season, vehicle roadworthiness becomes a very critical issue for road safety, especially when it comes to vehicle tyres and windscreen wipers. 

We appeal to motorists to take the time to check that all tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure and your tyre’s tread wear level is above the tread ware indicator which is built into the tyre. Also check that your tyres aren’t displaying uneven wear which can also indicate inflation, suspension or wheel alignment issues. To be safe, please visit your local tyre shop for a quick check."