New Film Censors Board appointed; to review outdated Cinematograph Act

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 12:45

A new Board of Film Censors (BOFC) is now in place and the members ultimately will be given a heavy workload which includes screening film content that will ensure the local industry is in sync with the modern environment in which it operates.

They will be charged with the review of the outdated Cinematograph Act of 1936, and making recommendations for new legislation which reflects today’s evolved film industry.

Minister of Public Administration and Communications, Maxie Cuffie, set these tasks before the 11 new members of the Board at a ceremony on Wednesdau, where they were presented with their letters of appointment.

Ingrid Jahra is the chairperson.

Minister Cuffie said that the Board of Film Censors is not about “banning films”, but developing a framework for the review of legislation which governs a rapidly changing industry, as well as to “ensure that film content is shown to appropriate audiences.”

With the wide expansion of film content to television, Internet, video and video games, one of the first mandates before the Board is to make recommendations for changes to the Act.

The Board comprises stakeholders across various sectors, including the local film industry and the legal fraternity.

The Board will also be charged with developing a framework to encourage investment in film and video entertainment and provide protection to minors in respect of video entertainment.

The 11 newly appointed members comprise:

* Ms. Ingrid E. Jahra (Chairperson)

* Mr. Shea Best

* Ms. Natasha Boodhan

* Mr. Dion Boucaud

* Ms. Tammy Cato

* Ms. Anisa Duncan

* Mr. Brian Joseph

* Mr. Mark Joseph

* Ms. Ellen-Marie Lewis-Bynoe

* Ms. Rebecca Robinson

* Mr. Richard Teelucksingh

The first Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 23, 2017.