New gun laws coming: No bail for 120 days for firearm possession

The government will soon take legislation to Parliament to help in ridding illegal firearms from the streets of T&T and putting away offenders and repeat offenders behind bars for a long time.

National Security Minister, Stuart Young on Tuesday lamented the influx of illegal firearms stating that recent statistics showed an estimate of 9,000 guns which include semi-automatic pistols and assault rifles such as the AR 15s and AK47s in the hands of the criminals.

In a bid to take back T&T from the hands of “shooters” who he described as “little shooters”, Young said that the legislation will seek to take away the rights to bail for 120 days; increased sentences and fines via a tier sentencing and penalty system and for offenders and repeat offenders, who may be currently out on bail, to have their respective bails revoked once they are caught committing other or similar serious offences.

“For a long time, we have been looking at it, studying it…we know that every criminal out there wants to have an illegal firearm. Unfortunately, our citizens for over the last five years have been suffering at the hands of the criminal elements who unfortunately have access to illegal firearms that are not made in T&T…long time ago criminals used homemade firearms, homemade shotguns, not now,” Young said.