New information states Pollonais was stopped by two "cops"

Hours be­fore she was re­port­ed miss­ing by her hus­band Ja­son Pol­lon­ais on Thurs­day, sev­er­al wit­ness­es saw Na­tal­ie Pol­lon­ais in the com­pa­ny of two men dressed as po­lice.

A wit­ness who came for­ward to po­lice said around 11.45 am on Thurs­day while dri­ving in­to Debe from Palmiste, they saw Pol­lon­ais sit­ting in her white BMW 5308 car near the in­com­plete round­about near the Debe In­ter­change.

A man dressed in a po­lice uni­form was seen bend­ing over the left pas­sen­ger seat while an­oth­er man, al­so dressed in a po­lice uni­form, was dig­ging in the trunk of the car.

“She was very fair skinned with red­dish hair. The oth­er of­fi­cer was rum­mag­ing in the back. At first, I got an­gry be­cause I felt she should have been stand­ing in the back of the car to see what he was do­ing,” the source said.

Sev­er­al peo­ple passed along the way and con­tin­ued to flash their lights to alert oth­er mo­torists that a road­block was in progress, the source added.

The source said it was on­ly af­ter Pol­lon­ais’s pho­to­graph be­gan cir­cu­lat­ing as a miss­ing per­son that they re­alised some­thing was amiss.

“I be­gan to think that maybe these men were not re­al­ly po­lice,” the source said.

A re­port was lat­er made to the po­lice, who be­gan a mas­sive land and aer­i­al man­hunt.

Based on in­for­ma­tion for­ward­ed to the po­lice, the car was lat­er found at Cy­press Hills in San Fer­nan­do.

A de­tailed de­scrip­tion of the two men has been giv­en to the po­lice and a sketch artist was ex­pect­ed to pro­vide a de­pic­tion of the two sus­pects.

Pol­lon­ais, 49, of Palmiste went to the C3 gym on Thurs­day.

She was ex­pect­ed to vis­it a friend in Palmiste af­ter­wards but failed to show up.

Her daugh­ter Ash­ley said she planned to re­turn home ear­ly that day as she had some er­rands to run. Around 3 pm, when she failed to an­swer her phone a miss­ing per­son re­port was made. Her phone was traced to a lo­ca­tion in St Au­gus­tine.

Her car was found in the park­ing lot of an apart­ment build­ing at Cy­press Hills, Union Hall, San Fer­nan­do, last night. Po­lice said yes­ter­day that they had a per­son of in­ter­est in cus­tody but would re­veal no fur­ther de­tails.

- by Radhica De Silva

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