New T&TEC substation to bring improved electricity supply to Diego Martin, Petit Valley

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 15:00

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) says that about 14,000 residents of Diego Martin, Petit Valley and environs are expected to experience an improvement in the reliability of their electricity supply, with the completion of the T&TEC’s Diego Martin Substation.

The newly-constructed, two-storey Diego Martin 33kV Substation, built on the same site at St. Lucien Road after the old substation was demolished, was formally commissioned at a ceremony hosted by T&TEC on Tuesday (May 2).

In his welcome remarks T&TEC’s Chairman, Mr. Keith Sirju, said that the completion of the $9 million Substation in December 2016 was “critical”, since the feeder at the Diamond Vale Substation was fast approaching its upper capacity and increased the likelihood of load shedding.

He explained that the modern Substation “enables flexibility of the distribution network by providing backup to neighbouring substations, [while] catering for the future load growth in several areas in western Trinidad.”

For customers served by the Diego Martin Substation, this flexibility means that in the event of maintenance works or system abnormalities, their electricity supply can remain uninterrupted by routing supply through a series of interconnected feeders in these substations. 

Also in attendance was the Minister of Public Utilities, the Honourable Fitzgerald Hinds and the Member of Parliament for Diego Martin Central, the Honourable Darryl Smith. In his feature address, Minister Hinds took the opportunity to remind residents of the importance of conserving electricity, as our country seeks to efficiently manage its natural gas reserves and reduce its carbon footprint.

After the programme, guests and residents viewed a virtual tour of the facility conducted by T&TEC’s General Manager and other senior employees.  

Construction of the Diego Martin Substation was carried out in phases, with the first phase – civil and earthing works – completed in March 2015. The final phase works – the installation and commissioning of new electrical power equipment and conducting overhead line works and power cable installation works, inclusive of roadway excavation works – was completed in December 2016.

The new Diego Martin Substation is outfitted with a modern indoor 33 kV Gas Insulated Switch (GIS) Board and underground cables which eliminate exposed live high-voltage components, thus increasing the safety for workers who visit the Substation.