New TTUTA executive elected

Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) have elected the union’s first female president.

Preliminary results show Antonia Tekah-De Freitas has replaced Lynsley Doodhai at the helm.

She emerged victorious with 3,623 votes.

Kady Beckles has been elected General Secretary.

In addition, Marlon Seales, Kyrla Robertson-Thomas and Darren Lee Him will now hold the posts of First, Second and Third Vice Presidents, respectively.

Following the closure of the polls around 5 pm, outgoing executive officials described yesterday’s election as smooth and incident-free.

Yesterday’s election process, which is held every three years, began around 7 am and ended prompt­ly at 5 pm.


Story by NEWS DESK

Image caption: TTUTA President-elect, ANTONIA TEKAH-DE FREITAS

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