Nicaraguan migrant found dead in Texas with T&T phone number in pocket

US authorities who discovered the body of a Nicaraguan migrant into Texas this week, say that among the things they found on him was a phone number for someone in Trinidad and Tobago.

The man, identified as 42-year-old Ledis Jose Ortez Herrera, was found dead 80 miles from the border with Mexico.

He was the fourth migrant from Nicaragua to have been found dead in the last two weeks.

Brooks County Sheriff’s Office Commander Jorge Esparza reportedly found two identification cards from Nicaragua and Mexico.

Both cards bore the same name and they say the photographs on the cards appeared to match the deceased.

It was during a search of his body that they found an address of an apartment in Florida and a phone number with an area code assigned to Trinidad and Tobago.

The items were found in the migrant’s pocket.

Authorities are not directly linking the man to this country, despite the number being found on him.

They believe he traveled from Nicaragua to Mexico and then crossed the border with hopes of eventually making it to Miami.

It's not been revealed who the Trinidad and Tobago number belonged to.

So far this year, at least 120 migrants, including seven children, died while or shortly after crossing the border from Mexico into the United States.

At least 73 of those were found in Texas, according to the International Organization for Migrants’ Missing Migrants Project.

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