No decision today in Chief Justice vs Law Association

There will be no decision in the case brought against the Law Association by the Chief Justice today.

This as the Privy Council stated a short while ago that it will reserve its decision to a later date.

In the matter the CJ’s attorney have asked the Law Lords to assess  

1>  Whether section 137 of the Constitution provides the sole basis for investigating the conduct of the Chief Justice and removing him from office;

2>  Whether section 5 of the Legal Profession Act provides the Law Association with authority to conduct an investigation into allegations made against the Chief Justice

3>  Whether the Law Association’s investigation is tainted by pre-judgment or bias;

4>  Whether the Law Association’s investigation has been carried out unfairly and in breach of the principles of natural justice

Since November 2017 the Chief Justice Ivor Archie has been the subject of allegations of serious misconduct in the media, suggesting that he has corruptly and knowingly used his office in concert with convicted felons for their benefit.

The Council of the Law Association decided on 29 November 2017 to establish a committee to ascertain/substantiate the facts on which the allegations were based and to report back to the Council.

Following correspondence requesting the Chief Justice to give his response to the allegations, and a decision on 23 February 2018 to continue to take steps in the enquiry, the Chief Justice issued a claim for judicial review.

The Chief Justice through his attorneys claimed that the LATT’s investigation was proscribed by the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, was outside its statutory powers, and the decision to investigate him had the appearance of bias.