No more foreign police commissioners; Government to amend legislation

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - 20:00

The Government is preparing to draft legislation to ensure that the appointee to the post of Commissioner of Police, is a national of Trinidad and Tobago.

Minister of Communications, Maxie Cuffie made the announcement at today's post-Cabinet media conference.

He told the media that the Government will also source a local firm to conduct the process of selecting a Commissioner of Police.

The Minister told the media that this change was based on a committment given by the People's National Movement while in Opposition. He says it was also a manifesto promise.

"There was a clamour from the national population to have a Commissioner that was a national of T&T. We campaigned on the basis that we were going to change the system. We have kept faith with that promise," he said.

He said Attorney General Faris Al Rawi will speak on the legilations at a subsequent time.

Stephen Williams continues to act as Police Commissioner after succeeding Canadian Dwayne Gibbs, who resigned in July 2012.