No solution following PM, union meeting

"Tomorrow's rest and reflection is on more than ever."

That's the word from President General of the Oilfields Workers Trade Union (OWTU), following a meeting with the government at the Office of the Prime Minister today.

Speaking outside the Prime Minister's office, Roget, surrounded by several other trade union leaders, announced that they were going "immediately" into an emergency session which he deemed, "the War Room".

He said they would then make a decision there on what will come next.

"The trade union movement has decided that on the basis of a refusal to halt the decision and go ahead with MOU, we will go into emergency session, our war room and make decision from here," he said.

He then announced that the day of rest and reflection will continue.

"If tomorrow wasn't on before, it's on more than ever now. Tomorrow is a day to rest and reflect," he said.

At the same time, the Government was speaking to the media through Energy Minister Franklin Khan, Minister of Public Administration Camille Robinson-Regis and Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Allison West.

"We have agreed to disagree", Minister Robinson-Regis told the media.

She told the media that the government is very clear in its analysis of the Petrotrin issue and maintains its decision to close the refinery.

She said the trade unions did not present anything different from what they presented before.

"The situation at this time cannot be avoided. We have come to this path and the situation is one that will affect 1,700 workers but if we don't we will affect 1.4 million citizens of Trinidad and Tobago," Robinson-Regis said.

And on the call for workers to stay away tomorrow on the third anniversary of the PNM in office, Minister Khan told the meeting that they consider it a normal working day.

"Tomorrow is a normal working day for all members of the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago and I hope for all working people of Trinidad and Tobago," Khan said.

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