No vindication for opposition leader says Dr. Keith Rowley

In a media release today, the Prime Minister says the privy council ruling is no vindication for Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar and her government.

He says because of the ruling persons charged with criminal offenses will be made to face trial, despite attempts to do otherwise.

The following is the full release from the office of the Prime Minister.

With respect to the recent ruling at the Privy Council, the simple outcome is that persons who are charged with criminal offences will be made to face a trial, despite all attempts to do otherwise. 

This being the undisputed fact then, the public utterances of the Opposition Leader  claiming vindication is insulting to the population. 

I want to remind Mrs Persad-Bissessar that it is a Government which she led that produced legislation into which Section 34 was buried, with the intention of creating an opening for persons to avoid a trial. 

It was her Government which gave assurances to the Parliament, then promptly ignored them, and it was a Cabinet led by her which secretly proclaimed Section 34 in the middle of the night during the country’s 50th Anniversary of Independence celebrations. 

This conspiratorial proclamation had one singular objective and it was to give persons the opportunity to escape the Court trial. 

It was when they were caught red handed, and in the face of public outrage at the actions of her Cabinet, that the Government was forced back to the Parliament and with PNM support was made to undo what she had secretly proclaimed. 

Now that the Privy Council has ruled, the action of the Parliament in undoing the effects of the original conspiracy is no vindication of the PP Government. Instead it is a stark reminder that the action of the Parliament was proper and justified and it is a signal of the failure on her part.  It is a reminder of the disgraceful saga of Section 34 and the shame that hangs indelibly around the necks of her Cabinet that was caught and rejected.  
Dr the Honourable Keith Rowley
Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

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