No water in Icacos for a month Residents suffer before Christmas

With no wa­ter to bathe her new­born grand­son or boil his ba­by bot­tles, Ica­cos res­i­dent Sha­hee­da Ma­haraj broke down in tears on Mon­day, beg­ging her coun­cil­lor to do some­thing to help her.

"My daugh­ter Stephanie Ma­haraj make ba­by and she came home on Fri­day with my grand­son, but there is not a drop of wa­ter to cook, bathe, wash. We have not had a drop of wa­ter for over two months," Ma­haraj said dur­ing an in­ter­view on Christ­mas Eve.

With Christ­mas a day away, Ma­haraj said her home was in a dirty state.

She said nor­mal­ly they used to get wa­ter from a pri­vate con­trac­tor, but when they went to him over the week­end he told them he could no longer sup­ply them be­cause the Wa­ter and Sew­er­age Au­thor­i­ty was crack­ing down on the sale of wa­ter.

"We have no choice but to beg for some help.

The wa­ter reach­ing Fullar­ton and Bonasse but it is not reach­ing us. We can­not even wash meat to cook for Christ­mas. We bought meat and we stick it in the freez­er just like that be­cause there is no wa­ter," Ma­haraj said.

She said they have been us­ing ba­by wipes to clean them­selves as there is no wa­ter to bathe.

An­oth­er res­i­dent of Bam­boo Vil­lage, Chery­lann Singh, said some res­i­dents have not had wa­ter in a month.

"I have some tanks and right now we are us­ing the wa­ter spar­ing­ly. It is im­pos­si­ble to en­joy Christ­mas with no wa­ter. We do not have any wa­ter to clean up," she said.

Ce­dros coun­cil­lor Shankar Teelucks­ingh said a to­tal of sev­en hous­es at Ram­sey Street, Ica­cos, as well as Lal­la Road, St Quintin Es­tate, Los Gal­los, Bil­wah Trace, Grand Chemin Road were af­fect­ed by the wa­ter short­age. He said the Siparia Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion could do lit­tle as it was crip­pled with its own staff short­ages.

"There is al­so a prob­lem with pay­ing over­time but we are try­ing to get a pri­vate ten­der to go out and help the res­i­dents," Teeluckls­ingh said.

He not­ed that there was a leak in Ica­cos as well as prob­lems with a boost­er pump.

"WASA has fixed part of the leak and they have fixed the boost­er pump but an­oth­er leak has popped up in Granville Old Road and WASA is deal­ing with that," he said.

An email was sent to WASA's com­mu­ni­ca­tions de­part­ment and a source said at­tempts will be made to get truck­borne wa­ter de­liv­ered to the af­fect­ed res­i­dents.

Reporter: Radhica De Silva

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