'That is not my husband'

The wife of a sol­dier who went miss­ing at sea last month says pic­tures cir­cu­lat­ing on­line of a man whose body was found washed up in Venezuela yes­ter­day is not her hus­band, Cor­po­ral Ger­ald James.

“That is not true. That word that is cir­cu­lat­ing on the in­ter­net is not true. That is not him. I got it too, last night the mil­i­tary called me to warn me what was tak­ing place,” Ray­heb James said. “A lot of in­for­ma­tion go­ing out there to test your faith but I trust God and I be­lieve. I ain’t let­ting noth­ing shake me.”

In a Face­book post, the sol­dier’s broth­er, Dane James, wrote: “From the pics that cir­cu­lat­ing out there about they found the miss­ing sol­dier’s (my broth­ers) body in Venezuela . . . I can say that is not him, looks noth­ing like him, and that we’re all (my fam­i­ly) pray­ing and hop­ing he is still alive. Come home and show them G.” t

Cor­po­ral James has been miss­ing since March 14 when he went fish­ing with his broth­er-in-law Joseph Wat­son and friend Roger Per­reira near Gas­par Grande is­land off the Ch­aguara­mas penin­su­la. They ex­pe­ri­enced some dif­fi­cul­ties which caused the boat they were in to cap­size. Wat­son and Per­reira clung to cool­ers to stay afloat while James left to find help.

Wat­son and Per­reira re­mained adrift in the wa­ter be­fore reach­ing land and were even­tu­al­ly res­cued from Cha­cachacare Is­land and tak­en to the Coast Guard base at Staubles Bay, Ch­aguara­mas.

Reporter: Rishard Khan

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