NUGFW elections pushed back to October

Monday, July 8, 2019 - 09:30

The National Union of Government & Federated Workers's (NUGFW's) National Executive Council elections will be held on October 28th, when they are constitutionally due.

The election was scheduled to take place today but President General James Lambert said it didn’t take place because the opposing side, Team Shield, served him with a pre-action protocol letter stating that the election was unconstitutionally brought forward.

Lambert said that was incorrect and that his team, Team Faithful, followed all protocols before advancing the date.  

The president-general said the date was brought forward because the union was facing a number of matters including;

- No negotiation for the last 5 years
- Workers being threatened with being sent home at the Diego Martin Regional Coporation
- No head office having been rebuilt after demolition in 2017

The union said they also took into consideration the Local Government Elections scheduled for later this year, usually around October 28th when the NUGFW's National Executive election are due.

Lambert said no amendments were made to the constitution and he said the change in date of the election was accepted unanimously.

The president-general is asking his members to keep the faith.