Officers in crash to be banned from driving police vehicles

Two police officers involved in a vehicular accident in Central Trinidad today will no longer be allowed to drive while on duty.

This afternoon in the Chin Chin area, two police Rav 4 vehicles being driven at a high speed, slammed into a three-tonnne truck which was merging onto the main road.

While the police vehicles had the right-of-way, police sources tell us they were driving at around 90 km per hour on the main road.

We were also told that the officers were not responding to a distress call but were merely returning from carrying a vehicle for maintenance.

The new GPS system allows for the monitoring of driving speed and our source tells us the officers were driving at 145 km per hour on the highway prior to the collision.

CNC3 News contacted Commissioner Gary Griffith who did not want to comment on the specific issue as there still needs to be an investigation.

However, he but did say that he is monitoring all police vehicles through the new GPS system and that distress calls will be graded which will dictate how quickly officers should drive to respond to an incident.

He says this is to ensure that police resources are not abused.

The Commissioner says his concern is that such reckless driving could also have lead to loss of life.


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